ISBN 978-1-77111-009-9
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin
Heat Level: 4 Flames
Word Length 67083
Number of Pages: 228
Categories: Meange a Trois, Paranormal Romance

    Strength stronger than herself turned her toward the tapestry hanging on the wall. A lone man stood on the sandy shore, the night sky darkening and the waves churning to endanger Duncan. The knowledge stunned her into action, bolting from the room, she didn’t think about Ian asleep down the hall. What the hell burrowed in to disturb the balance of power in Sloane, Texas? She took the steps two at a time, the soles of her tennis shoes slipping on the carpet when she reached the bottom to slap the hard wood floor.
     Remy sat there staring at her.
     “How do I get to the beach?”
     His brow puckered. “Lady, do I resemble an information booth?”
    “Yes. Where’s Duncan? The beach, hurry?”
    “Back door, take the path to the right the pier—”
    She didn’t wait for the rest or to give her thanks. The danger to Duncan tightened, her heart urged her into a run to find him, unsure of what she would do once she reached him. Key words were find Duncan, assess the situation and execute the plan. What plan? She broke into a jog the moment she left the house. Remy hadn’t steered her wrong, the back gate of the garden stood open. The suction of the wards pulled at her skin until she escaped. The briny scent of the gulf filled her lungs. The evil in the air coated her skin with an oily substance.
    The beach spread out before her, unwelcoming. Ghost fires dotted the beach, but she ignored them. The warm breeze carried by the current whipped her hair into her face. With one hand, she captured the strands and scanned the darkness.
    A siren’s song filled the night with a hunting melody.
    Duncan stood on the shore, his lean body outlined by the moon.
    The ocean lapped at his ankles, enticing him further into the tide. Waves lapped at the shore, dragging the seaweed closer in an effort to trip her. Her arms swung to keep the stringy stuff away and herself upright. “Duncan.”
     The wind snatched her words away with a painful shriek.
     Damn, she winced with the wail and blinked the swell of tears away. Pain throbbed in her head, the cry loud enough to wake the dead she stumbled backward. When her vision cleared, Duncan strode calf deep into the surf and reached for an image only he viewed through the swirling mist hovering over the water.
     She raced the couple of feet left to him. Her hand sizzled when she caressed his bare shoulder. She wasn’t sure if her magic caused his skin to glow or the evil enchantment weaving around him. Kayla ducked under his outstretched arm and pressed her hands against his chilled chest.     

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Kimber Rowe aka Kymber Rowean