Kimber Rowe aka Kymber Rowean

Kimber Rowe’s day job is one of a domestic engineer to her husband, two high school teenagers and two English Cream Retrievers. A firm believer in to-do-list, she plots out her family’s day, leaving enough time for them to pursue their own interest.

            On any given day, Kimber can be found landscaping her backyard, engaging in DIY projects, cooking, and involving her children in life skill projects.

            She’s managed to travel throughout the United States with the hopes of visiting all fifty of them.

            During the day, she make her home near Chicago, Illinois. By night, she creates paranormal and science fiction worlds where everyone fights for a happily ever after.

            Kimber fell in love with writing when she wrote her first story entitled ‘The Bell’ short story dedicated to her fifth grade teacher who started her love of writing.

            She enjoys a  number of genres as long as they have a strong heroine, a hero with a spine of steel who melts for the love of his life and where they face the world together.

Kimber Rowe aka Kymber Rowean